Cupcakes by Evelyn

Perfect for any occasion—whether it's a birthday party, wedding or simply to tame that sweet tooth—Cupcakes by Evelyn mixes flavor with affordability. That's the secret recipe!

Cupcakes by Evelyn uses only quality ingredients (local ingredients when available) to provide it's customers with the best tasting cupcake possible. In keeping with green practices, Cupcakes by Evelyn uses eco-friendly baking cups and boxes, as well.

Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes by Evelyn


These are the best cupcakes I've ever tried. They consist of the perfect cake base and the various flavors and frostings make Cupcakes by Evelyn something of a masterpiece and incomparable to the rest.
Great for any occasion — or no occasion at all, one bite makes you rethink what all those other cupcakes really were.
-Andrea Fisher

I LOVE Cupcakes by Evelyn! Not only are her flavors innovative (and the names creative!) the cupcakes are always moist, perfectly baked and completely delicious. I tried to recommend my favorite flavor to someone, and I couldn't decide which it is because they are all amazing. I highly recommend her!
-Heather Pike

I love the texture of the cupcakes — it's that perfect springy, moist cake texture that is rarely ever achieved. Evelyn was so nice to work with — she was so accommodating for all of my requests.
-Mollie Muse

The Black Tie cupcake was one of the very first Cupcakes by Evelyn that I tried — and I've been hooked ever since! It's sweet, but not too sweet, and the texture and flavors just bring out the kid in you. It's the perfect mix between gourmet cupcake and nostalgic treat. I didn't think I could like any other cupcake as much — until I tried Peanut Butter's Dark Side!
-Caitlin Close

Evelyn's cupcakes aren't just good they are get a fork out and scrape the cupcake wrapper good!
-Alex Snart